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Through her intricate sonic installations and immersive experiences, she challenges listeners to engage with sound in new and profound ways, encouraging them to question their perceptual boundaries. Alina has created music for audio books, museum spaces, and theater performance.


Drawing inspiration from diverse musical and artistic traditions, she seamlessly combines classical, electronic, and experimental elements, crafting transformative experience for listeners.

Alina incorporates her musical practices into the performances of Kymatic ensemble (which she founded in 2015) and the Pussy Riot band, of which she has been a member since 2022.


As a multi-instrumentalist she showcasing her mastery over various instruments such as violin, viola, some traditional Chinese string instruments as erchu and guzheng, but also work with modular synthesizers and music programming.


As a curator, she plays a vital role in shaping the contemporary music and art scene. With meticulous attention to detail and an astute understanding of the cultural zeitgeist, she curates events that showcase the most groundbreaking and thought-provoking talents in the field.


The title of the exhibition "Hysteria" comes from the ancient Greek word "womb," which is a metaphor for female sexuality and the stigmatization of mental disorders in society. The gender component of this obsolete medical term was attributed to the improper "movement of the uterus" within the body, which supposedly led to the constriction of other organs. This fictitious movement could be felt by being inside the uterus of a four-meter installation of the female body.

The rhythm of the mother's heartbeat, the quiet chants in the Yakut language, the slow-flowing video on the monitor lull you to sleep and take you back to that unconsciously cozy time when we were just conceived.

Scattered throughout the space are amulets to aid the shaman-artist during the ritual. Stuffed with synthetic fiber, the fabric transforms into a soft sculpture standing confidently on its feet.

The video was made in co-authorship with musician and composer Alina Petrova. The action, recorded on film and digitized into our plane, is a documentation of a certain ritual, where the body interacts with the objects, becoming part of them, an extension. Like a shaman, the artist mediates between his fictional world and contemporary reality.

In the video you can hear the shaman's algys (address to the spirits) in the Yakut language during a shamanic ritual. The native disappearing language gradually becomes an abstract noise that drifts away into the emptiness of an altered state.


The piece is based on a sort of meaning play - the ambiguity of the perception of sounds and their identification in the process of smooth cross-interpolation of timbres into each other. One of its main purposes is to avoid the appearance of any deliberate musical structures that might distract the attention focused on the perception of the sound phenomenon. The piece is some sort of homage to the activities of female composers, pioneers of electronic music in America and Europe, whose history and biography are revealed in Sisters with Transistors.

The composer's task is to give the performer a very clear set of instructions, with no further interpretations. The task of the performer is to understand the goal and achieve it as accurately as possible.

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Tao the Gardner

The impersonal Tao is embodied in the image of a girl who occasionally visits her small vegetable garden. Tao's vegetable garden is an installation that appears in the foyer of the Electro-theater. The installation, which includes Tao, turns into a micro-performance. The action lasts for 5-7 minutes, after which Tao continues his Path and ascends to his Heavenly abode. Each micro-performance (21 in all) is dedicated to one chapter of an ancient philosophical treatise.

Tao's journey lasts throughout the entire theater season, and you can keep track of the exact dates and times of Tao's descent (and the beginning of the performance) using the wall calendar located near the installation, as well as on the theater's website.

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Sound of Cartier

The performance created for Cartier company was nothing short of breathtaking. Designed to showcase the exquisite nature of the brand's jewelry pieces, the performance was a true spectacle that captivated all those who were lucky to witness it.

The essence of the performance was based on the concept that jewelry could produce a unique sound that was triggered by the musician's touch. To achieve this, Cartier partnered with Alina who worked tirelessly to create a custom musical composition that was specifically tailored to the brand's jewelry pieces. The musicians played with a delicate touch, coaxing the jewelry to produce its fullest potential.

By combining the worlds of music and jewelry, Cartier had created something truly unique, a performance that was as awe-inspiring as it was beautiful.

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